Bluecol Blue Anti-freeze – New Product in stock

We have now added Bluecol Blue Anti-freeze to our extensive range of service oils and fluids.

This product can be purchased on our online store

Bluecol blue antifreeze is a traditional methanol-free, Ethylene Glycol based antifreeze and engine coolant.

Bluecol antifreeze can be kept in your radiator system all year round to maintain protection against winter freezing and summer overheating, whilst at the same time protecting the materials in the cooling system against rust and corrosion.

Bluecol antifreeze is suitable for all cooling system metals, including aluminium and iron. It does not evaporate in use and is not flammable.

Bluecol blue antifreeze and engine coolant does not incorporate Organic Acid Technology (OAT) and is suitable for classic & vintage vehicles.

Bluecol 2 year antifreeze conforms to BS6580 (2010) and contains a bittering agent to prevent accidental swallowing and consequential harmful effects to humans and animals.

Please Note: This product is only available for delivery within Mainland UK.

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